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How does my club become a member of CFSSD?

Send us a request form on the 'Join Us' page of the website and we will be in touch with you shortly to guide you on the application process.

How do I join as a NEW athlete to compete in various CFSSD competitions?

In order to compete in various CFSSD competitions, you first have to be a member of a club that is part of CFSSD (or a 'sponsor' club of the federation). You then have to submit a New Athlete Registration form (download form below) and pay a one-time fee of 15 Euro per athlete*. 

To submit the application you will need: 

1. Complete New Athlete Registration form 

2. One Passport size photo

3. Form of Identification: Copy of Birth certificate OR Passport OR Cypriot ID card (front and back) 

4. Copy of VALID Health Card 

The registration would only take place however if the athlete has firstly obtained his first valid Health Certificate.

The Health Certificate is a prerequisite for their participation of all sports in Cyprus that are under the auspices of the Cyprus sports organization.  This certificate has a three year validity period (two year for over 34 y.o.) and it is required to be presented to the competition organizer at all times.

To register as an athlete of the federation, the athlete and his/her legal guardian need to read and accept the CFSSD Constitution and KOKAX Internal Rules (both can be found in the document section below). 

* Note: the fee is set for 2022 and is subject to change

How do I obtain a Health Card?

The Cyprus sport organization (KOA) has drafted rules by which players depending on their age need a number of documents with which they can apply for their Health Certificate.

The following forms and documents are necessary:

1. Properly filled in special form named ASYA - copy of which you can find in documents section below. This form should be filled in by a Physician of the following specialist field:
Cardiologists, pathologists or paediatricians for children under 12 only

2. A cardiogram

3. A Blood test

4. A Stress test (for athletes that are over 35)

5. A recent passport photo (less than 6 months old)

Once all relevant documents are gathered you can send your application to KOA (either directly at KOA offices in Nicosia or you can send it to them through your local ACS courier). 

Standard KOA Health Card application fee is 5 Euro per athlete (approx. 14 days application evaluation), however, if you want to expedite your application there are other urgent payment options available: 30 Euro (within the same week);  80 Euro (approx 2 working days). 

All relevant forms & information you can find attached below in important documents & files section or directly on the KOA website. 

Important Files

Download Now

New Athlete Registration Form

Form to be filled in by all NEW athletes wanting to join the CFSSD

New Club Registration Form

Form to be filled in and sent to CFSSD for all clubs wishing to join the Federation

Internal Rules of Federation



KOA Health Card Application form (to be filled and signed by professional doctor)

Health Card Checklist

Information on what needs to be submitted for KOA Health card application by age group

Health Card Fees

Breakdown of payment options for KOA Health Card Application


Constitution of the CFSSD - rules the federation follows

WDSF Competition Rules

Rules from the World Dance Sport Federation

IDO Competition Rules

Rules from the International Dance Organization

Teacher-Student Rules

KOKAX and WDSF Rules for Teacher-Student PD Division

Open Category Solo Rules CFSSD

Rules from CFSSD about Open Solo Category

Transfer Form 

Free Transfer + Regular Transfer form for all clubs of Social and Sport Dance

Disco Dance 

Rules from WDSF about Disco Dance

Stage Dance Performing Arts 

Rules from WDSF about Stage Dance

National Breaking Ranking 

Official ranking of CFSSD for 2023

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