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Cyprus Federation of Social and Sport Dance

Cyprus Federation of Social and Sport Dance (CFSSD) is a Cyprus based non-profit organisation that was created by and for individuals who are passionate about dancing. We are actively looking for like-minded individuals and new members - so get in touch to find out what you need in order to join.ย 
We are stronger and more powerful together.


President Message

Dear all it is an honour and a privilege to be able to get in touch with you as the president of the federation via this website. Dance is a passion and at the same time a very difficult and complicated sport with hundreds of athletes in Cyprus. Our aim is to make sport dance well known to the public and be able to have athletes at a good level internationally.  To do so coaches and athletes need to work hard and have the most help from the federation and the government. We wish that our ambition and hard work will eventually pay-off and sooner or later more children will be involved with sport dancing. As a federation all of us can promise that we will keep working hard and for a lot of hours from our free time, to reach our goals. We are improving day by day and this is a result cooperation and hard work from all of the members of the CFSSD.


Angela Georgiou


Contact Us

21 Amfipoleos, 2025 Strovolos Nicosia

+357 22 449680

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